Radio interview with CBC’s Writers and Company

On 1st February I had the privilege of being interviewed by Eleanor Wachtel for CBC’s ‘Writer’s and Company’, and we discussed naked bodies, letters, Leonard Cohen, Socrates, Lithuanian forests, the power of words, my mum, and death, a little.

CBC Interview

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Interview with Salon magazine

“We don’t always have to write about women in the context of their relationships with men”

Interview: The Independent on Sunday

I talk to Danuta Kean about the hardback release of All Is Song and, amongst other things, the effect of expectations when writing a second novel.

When I was a child I remember very clearly when books ceased to be illustrated.

I was eight and, for a moment, my nascent reading obsession teetered, unsure that my imagination could create images vivid enough to replace the loss. It was a secret bereavement, buried beneath the fear that it may be interpreted as stupidity. The memory popped into my head as the novelist Samantha Harvey and I discussed her new book, All is Song . . . read more

Interview: The Scotsman

In conversation with The Scotman’s David Robinson about All Is Song; we talk about the philosophical roots and themes of the novel, the difficulty of relocating a story from Ancient Greece to modern London, and we touch briefly on what next.

Imagine philosophy’s founding father in contemporary Britain. Samantha Harvey has – and she explains why to David Robinson

‘Influence of Home?” It’s the first question scribbled on my notepad as I start my interview with Samantha Harvey at her London publisher’s. And no, I don’t mean where she was born (Kent) or where she lives now (Bath) or what her parents mean to her, or her extended family, or the landscape she grew up amongst, or her first words, or best teacher and oldest childhood memory . . . read more

Radio 4’s Open Book

Featuring somewhat inappropriately in an episode discussing the nation’s funniest books, I talk to Mariella Frostrup about my novel All Is Song. This episode can be heard here.

Interview: Bookgroup

The In conversation about The Wilderness, how I approached the writing of it and why Alzheimer’s seemed a worthy subject for a novel.

FiveBooks on Mental Illness

Interview for FiveBooks

The author discusses books on mental illness, explaining the conditions that keep us sane and the effects of removing them. Recommendations include Sartre, Coetzee, and John Bayley on Iris Murdoch . . .

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